Saturday, 12 May 2007

Natural Treatment Hemorrhoids: Easy On The Budget, And Effective In Relieving Pain As Well As Inflammations

Hemorrhoids are something from which many people in the United States suffer during their lifetimes. This is an ailment that is believed to affect nearly four percent of the population in America, though the chances of it affecting everyone are pretty high. The worst thing about hemorrhoids is that once you are affected, it will stay with you though your condition may get better when treated. If you are also constipated along with having constipation you will find it to be unbearable and if your constipation does not go away it may even be the cause of hemorrhoids. It is has been found that a natural treatment for hemorrhoids is of great help for those with a hemorrhoid condition. Natural treatments for hemorrhoids include boiling a cup of Chamomile tea that can be chilled, and then adding a spoon of Pysllium seed to the tea, and leaving it for half an hour. You may consume this drink before going to bed daily and also make sure that you drink a lot of water as well. By drinking such a mixture, your hemorrhoids may begin to shrink, though care should be taken that pregnant women as well as children aged below two years as well as anyone that is allergic to dust or grass should not take Psyllium.

Staying Healthy With Natural Remedies

Natural treatments for hemorrhoids is the best way to stay healthy, and will also keep you away from the surgeon’s scalpels while it is also something that can be taken over prolonged periods of time. It may often prove to be more effective than many an expensive treatment as also regular medications. Natural treatments for hemorrhoids will no doubt not cure the hemorrhoids, but are instrumental in alleviating the distress as well as lessen the rectal bleeding. You will find in it a means to find relief while also not spending too much money on expensive treatments.

There are also other natural treatments for hemorrhoids including Cranberry Poultice, Geranium-Lavender essential oil mixtures, garlic as well as onions, liquid lecithin, ice packs and lemon juices. Each of these natural treatments for hemorrhoids should provide relief to patients of hemorrhoids and lessen the pain as well as inflammation. You may choose one or more of these natural treatments for hemorrhoids, and keep in mind that each person has his or her own needs which require choosing one particular natural treatment for hemorrhoids in order to get relief.

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